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Behind the lens, the responsible of the productions, the videgraphy and the photographs of Pacha Mother, is me, Adrián.


I feel blessed to be able to dedicate my professional life to my passions, and through them, being able to help and serve. I have been behind the camera for the last 11 years and I hope to be lucky enough to continue in this path of producing and creating valuable content for a very long time.


I want to make your story as mine, I want to feel it and understand it, so I can document it and make it last forever with my honest and true vision.


I feel very proud and grateful to be a part of your project and story, without your trust I could not continue on this path. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!


Pacha Mother comes from the word Pachamama (Mother Earth for the Inca culture). Pachamama is our home, represented by a woman, from whom life is given, with the cosmos around her head, where ideas manifest. With painted eyes, as our ancestors did as honesty, appreciation and artistic expression.

"Adrian is super professional and talented and we now hire PachaMother exclusively for any video or photo productions we need."

Dean Sanderson

"Amazing and very professional photographer and videographer. Creative, detail oriented and photographs with a purpose. I couldn’t ask for anything better."
"Adrian is a great video producer. He creates professional, original video that stands out. And he's lovely as a person too!"

Definitely Adrian has the eyes of an artist and the sensitivity to capture the essence of the project for which he is hired! If you want to do things well and beautiful, PachaMother is the one!

Pacha Mother Media touched our hearts through their Art and sensitivity. Thank you Pacha Mother Media, for such a fine vision and knowing how to capture so many emotions in your work.

Some of our clients

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